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For many years, we have shown our dedication and commitment again and again. There is comfort in knowing that we will be here in the future to honor our warranty if needed.

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Thank you and your staff for their most excellent work

Hello Mr. Phelps,
I just wanted to thank you, Joe Guidone and your excellent maintenance staff for the emergency service call to our facility after the recent wind storm.

Joe was here the same day as we called, assessed the damage to the roof, had all of the materials ready and the maintenance staff out the very next morning to make the needed repairs. He assessed the need to cover the roof but assured me that there was no chance of rain in for forecast. If it did suddenly arrive, I am sure, he would have been out personally to make sure that our roof was protected.

I know that your company had many calls about wind damage after that storm but you and Joe put our facility on the top of your stack of service calls.

As when you reroofed our facility, a short time ago, your staff was courteous, professional and genuinely cared that our facility was protected and repaired as quick as possible. The fact that our materials collection was in danger of water damage was taken to heart by your staff and they made me feel that the library was their only priority, though I am sure that was not the case.

So once again, on behalf of our Library Board, Administration, Staff and the taxpayers of the Zionsville Library District, we thank you and your staff for their most excellent work.

Richard Deuschle

Director of Information and Facilities
Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library 250 N. Fifth Street


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